Just A Regular Rocky Horror Fan

Hey there! / Sarah / 21 years old / UK. Loves you will find on my blog are; Madeline Kahn, Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks movies, Gilda Radner, Barbra Streisand and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Amongst other things, of which I can't list them all. So they will be kept as surprises ;)

I grow weary of this world! When shall we return to Transylvania, huh?

CBS Comedy Tonight (1970) Sketch - with Jerry Lace & Madeline Kahn.

"Don’t you just hate it when a TV show abruptly ends, right in the middle of the season."


You know what’s funny, I always get criticised for loving/watching too many old 1970s/80s movie musicals. But today, my mum comes in whilst I’m watching At Long Last Love. She proceeds to sing all the Cole Porter songs, word for word, asking me if I was shocked that she knew all the words (I surely was, considering☝️). Then she tells me that I come from a long line of musical fanatics (my mums words not mine) and that she used to watch them a lot with my grandma all the time……I…..I Just can’t win with my family sometimes.image